EMF – IAQ – ESD – Radiation – EMI Biomedical Environmental Consulting Credentials & Bio

Joel-Anthony Gray – Environmental / Biomedical Consulting Detective at ScanTech Technical Consulting based in the Greater Dallas – Fort Worth Area with service to Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock, Amarillo & other major cities throughout the U.S. and International / Worldwide

Joel-Anthony Gray - Environmental and Biomedical Consultant

Joel-Anthony Gray – Environmental, Electromagnetic and Biomedical Consultant

Education & Degrees

B.S. Electrical Engineering / Nanoscience Technology Concentration – University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)

B.S. Biomedical Engineering (pending) – UTD
Graduate Certificate in Industrial Hygiene – Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
A.S. Electronic Telecommunications – Eastfield College
Environmental Firm Associations
A.C. Associate Consultant for AEI Consultants | Environmental & Engineering Services
P.A. Partner Associate for Partner Engineering & Science Inc.
Certifications – State & National
MAC (Mold Assessment Consultant) Texas Dept. of Health License # MAC1387
AARST-NRPP Nationally Certified Radon Residential Measurement Provider ID # 108991 RT
ARP (AARST Radon Professional) Measurement Professional with Multi-Family Measurement Certificate

X-Ray / Radiation Machine Services Registration – Texas Dept. of State Health Services # R42205

BOSIET CAEBS 5750 (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training) ID # 94305750140819871261

Joel-Anthony Gray is a certified Instrumentation and Radio Technician with a degree in Electronic Telecommunications; and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with Honors at the University of Texas at Dallas with a Minor in Nanotechnology.

Completed coursework has included intensive classes in Electromagnetics, RF Design, Communication Systems and Signals & Systems with extensive experience in troubleshooting a broad variety of technical problems, particularly EMI / RF interference issues with industrial and biomedical equipment.

Joel-Anthony Gray BSEE Diploma Photo

He is accredited as a Mold Assessment Consultant and is licensed with by the State of Texas Health Services Department.

Tulane Industrial Hygiene Graduate Certificate Tropical Medicine Public Health

Tulane Graduate Certificate in Industrial Hygiene – School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

Joel-Anthony Gray Mold Assessment Consultant License Texas
Joel-Anthony Gray Mold Assessment Consultant License Texas Dept. of Health MAC1387
Joel-Anthony Gray Mold Assessment Consultant Texas ID
Joel-Anthony Gray Mold Assessment Consultant Texas MAC ID # MAC1387

Texas TDLR Mold Consultant License

 Joel Gray Mold Assessment Consultant Training Accreditation
Joel-Anthony Gray Mold Assessment Consultant Training Certificate
Certified Radon Testing Professional
AARST – NRPP National Radon Proficiency Program Residential Measurement Provider License

In conjunction with recent formal academic training, he also has over twenty years of technical experience in fields such as computer repair, information technology, networking, audio/video equipment, photography, graphics & animation, electronics, RF & instrumentation repair, electromechanical control systems, high performance automotive mechanics, wireless networks, telecom, biomedical technology, chemistry, microscopy, ultra-high vacuum systems and nanotechnology including semiconductor characterization.

His background includes training and experience working in a variety of specialized environments including semiconductor cleanrooms, nanotechnology research facilities, around X-Ray equipment, chemistry, biology, and Level 2 Biohazard microbiology labs.

He is also an official member of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers and is currently working towards another degree in Biomedical Engineering and his PE license. His educational credentials and experience qualify him to be a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) according to AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) standards. (certification pending one final exam)

He has also attended an official course for Radiation Safety Officers offered by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) and recently completed advanced courses in Biology, Organic Chemistry, Engineering Physiology of the Human Body and Advanced Microbiology so as to better understand the effects of pathogens, toxins, biochemical reactions, radiation and other environmental factors at the physiological, cellular and bio-molecular levels.

Additional coursework in Biomaterials Science, Medical Devices & Biomedical Imaging has been taken to further study the complex interaction of synthetic biology, implants and technology in-vivo.

ScanTech Technical Consulting has been testing for radon gas and radiation for 14 years and blogs regularly on the subject and dangers of radon (and other indoor air quality pollutants) at:

ScanTech was started as a specialized technical consulting service over 14 years ago and has been conducting EMF / RF / Indoor Air Quality Testing / Radon / Radiation and other unusual energy surveys / consultations / inspections for thousands of highly satisfied homeowners and businesses including many Fortune 500 corporations in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and beyond.

His broad technical background and expert troubleshooting ability in a variety of fields enables him to find relevant insights and offer fresh perspectives in order to solve difficult problems quickly and cost effectively.

University of Texas at Dallas
    • Electromagnetics I (EE 4301)
    • RF Circuit Design (EE 4368)
    • Organic Chemistry I & II (CHEM 2323 / 2325)
    • Physical Chemistry & Thermodynamics in Biomedical Engineering (BMEN 3315)
    • Bioengineering I & II (BMEN 1100 / 1208)
    • Introduction to Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (NANO 3301)
    • Nanotechnology Research (1 year) (NANO 4V95 / 4V97)
    • Nanoscale Fabrication Engineering (Integrated Circuit Technology) (EE 4330)
    • Nanotech Instrumentation, Microscopy & Spectroscopy (NANO 3302)
    • Plasma Technology / Plasma Science (PHYS 6383 / NANO 4391)
    • Materials Science (NANO 3310)
    • Advanced Electron Microscopy (MSEN 6340)
    • Nanotechnology Internship (NANO 2486)
    • Engineering Physiology of the Human Body (BMEN 3330)
    • Biomaterials & Medical Devices (BMEN 4360)
    • Medical Imaging (BMEN 3380)
    • Medical Device Development (BMEN 4V95)
  • Principles of Industrial Hygiene (GEHS-6720)
  • Radiological Health (GEHS-6300)
  • Principles of Toxicology (GEHS 6600)
  • Physical Agents & Ergonomic Hazards in the Workplace (GEHS 6620) – NonIonizing Radiation (NIRAD) Noise, Vibration & Heat Stress
Independent Coursework
    • Biology I for Science Majors  (BIOL 1406)
    • Advanced Microbiology  (BIOL 2421)

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  1. May 19, 2016 Thursday

    This initial contact is to learn more about Scantech Technical Consulting and the possibility of conducting scans-surveys of our home and vehicles.

    We are both retired. My profession was as a petroleum landman and my wife was a school principal

    As an introduction: We live in Midland, Texas and I have been effected by the SMART electronic meters, cell phones, etc and various gadgets at home and at office locations. Most recently it has become debilitating.

    We have no education or specific knowledge in the field of electronic signals, RF, Microwave, IR, Cell phones and Towers and so forth excepts as customers of these technologies.

    We would like to chat with you about my EMF concerns and would like to come to your Dallas, Texas office for a meeting.

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