Cellular Tower Strength Surveys for Weak Cell Signal and WiFi – Wireless Coverage

No Cell Signal Again
No Cell Signal Again

If your company, property or residence is frustrated by dropped calls, slow data downloads and “Out of Service Area” messages on your smartphone, iPhone, PDA, etc.  ScanTech can help. We measure the signal strength (both overall spectral amplitude and by individual frequency block) of all major carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T on 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, PCS and AWS networks.

Also, if you have a prospective property you are investigating and need a survey as a part of due diligence to evaluate what cell phone coverage will be, we can gather data that will identify weak signal areas and help point towards cost-effective solutions.

Cell Signal Strength Strong to Weak
The Number of Bars on Your Phone is an Arbitrary Measurement of Signal Strength

There are several reasons for poor reception which includes:

  • Geography such as being in a low lying area with respect to a cell tower (elevation) or linear distance to the nearest tower(s).
  • Cell tower antenna orientation with respect to your specific location.
  • Attenuation caused by vegetation, building materials, (all of them weaken RF to some extent including glass) large equipment, areas that are heavily shielded by plate or “chicken-wire” metal, and “shadowing” from other nearby structures.
  • Heavy cellular subscriber bandwidth loads at peak times
  • Destructive interference caused by complex cellular RF reflections bouncing off of objects and creating null zones at critical nexus points.
  • Poor sensitivity and/or insufficient signal to noise ratios of the end user device.
  • Localized RF interference such as WiFi, wireless microphones / audio setups, or other equipment such as cell phone RF jammers.

We also perform FCC RF Compliance Safety Surveys with regard to MPE (Maximum Permissible Exposure) for antenna arrays, repeaters and other radio frequency emitting equipment on rooftops, etc.



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